• The Gastric Sleeve - Weight Loss Surgery

    Gastric sleeve gastrectomy is an effective weight loss technique where the lower portion of the digestive tract is reduced to just about 15 percent of its former size by surgical incision of a larger portion of the small intestine along the longer curvature. The resulting effect is usually a tube or sleeve like structure attached to the top portion of the small intestine. This is what is known as a gastric sleeve. The goal of this type of weight loss surgery is to reduce the amount of food that can be digested and absorbed in the body.

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    Gastric sleeve gastrectomy works by reducing the small intestine's ability to absorb food from the small intestine. The reduction of the small intestine's ability to absorb food can cause rapid loss of weight in a very short period of time. After gastric sleeve gastrectomy, the patient will have to follow a long term dietary regimen to help control their weight gain and prevent them from gaining any weight again.

    Gastric sleeve gastrectomy can be performed by general practitioners (general surgeons) or specialists (anesthesiologists, cardiothoracic or vascular surgeons). It is often recommended that this type of weight loss surgery is done by a specialist to avoid complications. For instance, if the surgery is performed on the cardiothoracic surgeon, then the surgery can cause scarring on the lungs of patients.


    The main concern of any physician or surgeon before performing a gastric sleeve gastrectomy on a patient is the patient's medical condition. The physician will perform a physical examination and ask questions of the patient to determine if he or she is physically healthy enough for the surgery. A thorough medical history is also performed to make sure that there are no health conditions that might interfere with the surgery. If you are under any form of medication that could affect the surgery then you should also be told this.

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    During the surgery the physician may place a special instrument onto the surface of the small intestine to cut the intestine in order to make the gastric sleeve. The surgeon will then close up the opening that was made by the instrument and stitch it together with stitches. You will need to have a catheter inserted into the opening in order to feed the small intestine through a feeding tube.


    Gastric sleeve gastrectomy should only be used under the proper supervision of a doctor. Many people believe that this type of surgery will lead to rapid weight loss and permanent weight loss.


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  • What Are the Complications Associated With Weight Loss Surgery?

    Weight loss surgery is most often recommended when a person has been diagnosed with an extreme form of obesity and it is very difficult to lose the excessive weight. Surgery helps in removing extra pounds by altering the digestive tract and body fat content. Bariatric surgery has a variety of processes done on patients who are overweight. Long term weight reduction through standard of care methods is largely achieved after changing diet and altering hormone levels, resulting in a new physiological weight set point. The primary goal of bariatric surgery is to reduce calories consumed by the patient and hence helps in achieving a healthy weight.

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    Patients undergoing bariatric surgeries are usually instructed to change their eating habits as they do not eat in a normal manner. This is achieved by making the food intake more restrictive than normal. The patient usually requires avoiding certain food groups, as prescribed by their doctor.

    Bariatric surgeries can be done either alone or in combination. They may also be done by different procedures such as Roux-en-Y procedure, the Abdominal bypass procedure, laparoscopic surgery, etc.

    Patients who undergo weight loss surgery are usually given a long-term prescription. The patient must have at least six months to follow the prescribed regimen after the surgery. This ensures that the patient follows the program properly.


    There are various complications involved with bariatric procedures and some of these complications are serious and may need proper treatment and hospitalization. Severe problems may also arise due to malnutrition in patients undergoing bariatric procedures. Some patients may experience anemia, severe fluid and electrolyte imbalances, heart attack, and aortic dissection, among others.

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    If you think you may be at risk of these complications, then make an appointment with your doctor to discuss it. The most common complications associated with bariatric procedures are severe dehydration, which results in death; organ failure, which may require a transplant; organ or tissue damage, which may lead to amputation of a limb; increased risk of infections; decreased ability to respond to standard therapy; severe infection, which may require hospitalization; and increased risk of blood clots and heart attack; and lung damage; decreased ability to regulate internal temperature and absorption; heart rate and cholesterol levels; and other metabolic changes such as hypertension; decreased quality of life and psychological and anemia; and bone fragility.


    Complications may occur at any time, particularly in the first few months. Complications can occur because the body is not used to losing excess weight and hence does not react positively. Therefore, your doctor may advise you to take some weight loss supplements for a period of time before you will undergo a surgery.


    After the weight loss surgery is over, your doctor may recommend you to follow a healthy eating plan to help you return to a healthy weight. Weight loss surgeries are very safe procedures and should be undergone only if the patient is sure that the procedure will provide them with a healthy and permanent cure.


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  • What Does a Gastric Balloon Cost?

    Gastric balloon prices, depending on the brand and size, range in price from just under $1000 to several thousand. A gastric balloon can help you slim down and gain more energy, but it is not an effective weight loss aid. Gastric balloon works by keeping your stomach full so that you do not experience hungry cravings during the day.

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    GASTRIC BULGE: A gastric bulge can be caused by various factors. For instance, if you are not eating correctly, your body produces more of the hormone leptin, which sends your brain a signal telling you that food is coming. In response, your body releases a chemical called peptide YY.


    Peptide YY is absorbed into the bloodstream, where it triggers a hormone production in the pituitary gland. This causes your body to release insulin, which causes fat cells to shrink. As the fat cells shrink, the stomach will fill with a liquid called gastric juice, allowing your stomach to hold fewer calories. At the same time, your blood sugar level goes up, and your body begins to use stored carbohydrates as fuel rather than glucose.


    The most successful diet program is one that promotes a balance between carbohydrates and proteins in your body. By eating a healthy diet, you can lower the production of hormones in your body, thus lowering the production of peptide YY.

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    Gastric balloons have different effects depending on which brand you choose. Some brands have a laxative effect, while others are more laxative in nature. Some brands cause diarrhea and vomiting, while others make your body less likely to crave certain foods. Choosing a brand that is best for you can also depend on your personal preferences. While many people have success with a brand called Xenadrine, other people have reported using the brand Xenadrine with success.


    With weight problems like this, it is always important to consult a doctor before starting any diet or exercise plan. Even though some people have success with gastric balloons, they should be treated as a last resort.


    While some people feel like their small intestine is shrinking, others feel as though their stomach is expanding. Since the effects of gastric balloons are based on your body's sensitivity, you may find that the effects are more of a discomfort than anything else.


    It is important to understand the risks and side effects that can be associated with this type of treatment. Although the majority of people do not suffer from serious side effects, you should still read the product reviews to be sure that there are no known complications. side effects that could be dangerous for you.

    If your stomach surgery is still not helping your problem, consider using another weight loss method that can work. without using expensive and invasive procedures. Weight loss surgery, such as gastric ballooning, can be a great way to help you lose weight and feel better about yourself.


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